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What Is “Sumiyume”? -2017-

Sumida riverside is an entertainment district from Edo period. Here is a song, dance, play and good food. Walk around “Bokutoh”, the east bank of the Sumida River, to the memory of Hokusai. It’s an art project, enlivening the town. Now, let’s go out!

Sumi-Yume 2017 Project Outline

Period: Friday, September 1 – Thursday, November 31, 2017
Venues: The Sumida Hokusai Museum, Sumida Triphony Hall, Sumida River Terrave, parks and public bath houses.

Organized by: Sumida River Sumi-Yume Art Project Executive Committee, Sumida City, Sumida Arts Foundation
Supported by: Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.
Cooperation: Association for Corporate Support of the Arts