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What Is “Sumiyume”? -2019-

“Sumiyume” began in 2016 on the occasion of the opening of the Sumida Hokusai Museum. Katsushika Hokusai, an artist who pursued a universe of phenomena. Like little ink-painted dreams colored in by people from various walks of life, we aim to paint the Sumida area in vivid colors while connecting people who are active not only in the arts and culture, but in all types of expression.

In 2019, the 170th anniversary of Hokusai’s death. The project will further enhance the area’s appeal through programs that embody the unique “Sumida” spirit. Everyone is welcome!

Sumi-Yume 2019 Project Outline

Period: Sunday, September 1 – Wednesday, December 25, 2019
Venues: Sumida River Terrace, Sumida Lifelong Learning Center, Sumida Park Gallery SASAYA, Ryogoku Monten Hall, YKK 60bldg. AZ1 Hall, parks and more…

Organized by: Sumi-yume Executive Committee, Sumida City
Supported by: YKK Corporation, Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
Executive office: Sumida Arts Foundation

Hosted Projects:
Sumi-Yume Dance Parade “Sakurabashi Bon Dance”, “Shadow Play Performance : A Circle of Oil and Water”
KOSUGE1-16 “Dondoko! Giant Paper Sumo Wrestling – Ryogoku Sumi-yume Tournament”
Yasuhiro Suzuki “Zip-fastener Ship”
Hokusai Matsuri Plus
Fastening Show @Sakurabashi Bridge
KOSUGE1-16 “Neighbor Land”

Participants of Open Call Projects:
Executive committee of EAST MEETS EAST, Underground Waterway Enthusiasts & Laboratory for Abandoned Waterways, M.M.C (Multi Mix Company), Kokontei Kikuchiyo Company, Zubombo Project, Sumida Park Studio Theatre Group Tobira-za – Otona Satellite, Nonprofit Organization Terashima-Tamanoi Area Development Council, “Ama-no-jaku” or Stories between Hands and Ears Executive Committee, Nonprofit Organization Topping East, pesée, Kamezawa Hokusai Street Area Development Association, HOKUSAI YOGA Executive Committee, Mukojima International Design Workshop Executive Committee, General Incorporated Association Monten, Nichika Yagyu